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Why Does Everyone Not Attain Sai Baba's Grace ?

A Devotee recently posed this question through the Patreon message board, and felt this conversation may be a useful pointer to reflect on. Merely being in a Masters presence will certainly be of benefit at some level, but with some of these qualities and intent, one is able to be receptive to what the Master truly wants to awaken within us.

Eventually the seed of the Gurus grace which is already planted then takes root and an awakening takes place in the fertile soil of the devotees humility, surrender and faith.



BABA and all founding fathers are found for the start. The element of the guy and is pushed for the turns. The path is done for the approval of the terms for the schedules for all goals for the field.


Anant Katkar
Anant Katkar
Feb 28, 2020

Thanks for the insight and beautiful explanation

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