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At Sai Baba's Devotee Speaks we share insights of various devotees to help inspire our viewers. However the thoughts and views shared by the speakers do not necessarily reflect those of the publishers.


While we do our utmost best to check the content for integrity, facts, etc.. we do not recommend any of our publications are used as historical reference. 

We do not encourage our viewers to establish contact with any of the speakers, their websites / services / events however if you do, it is solely at your own discretion. The channel is indemnified from any claim should it arise. 



Reproduction, re-uploading of any of our films, podcasts, books, use of transcripts, translations of any of the publications is strictly prohibited and a violation of our copyright and maybe subject to legal proceedings.

For the purpose of a review or screening any content at a event, it must be done so only after gaining prior written permission from the publisher.

Recently it was brought to our notice that some people had started their own commentaries on some of our content (book publications).

The content was misleading devotees, and this activity was clearly being done as a quick ticket to self promote themselves. Neither has Sai Baba's Devotee Speaks or House of Sai endorsed or asked anyone to promote any of our works.

While we have reported this content and had it removed, we request our viewers to exercise caution and discrimination in general as there are numerous people misleading devotees on social media in Sri Sai Baba's name. 

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