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A Yogi's Insights into the life of Baba


Baba Bholenath, a rare and unique Aghori Mystic gives his insights into the life and teachings of Sai Baba

Blind Faith & Self Belief
Mantras & Mudras
The Human Predicament
The Teachings of Sai Baba and Kabir

The Teachings of Sai Baba and Kabir

Shirdi Sai Baba was renowned for His miracles and compassion by one and all. In this interview, Baba Bholenath, a rare Aghori Mystic, shares his insights in Episode 2 of the series, on the similarities between the teachings and life of Sai Baba and Sant Kabir. About Bhole Baba It is difficult to describe him in words as he truly one of the most unique and rare Aghori Sadhus one could be blessed to meet today. Anandmurti Gurumaa has spoken about her meeting with Bhole Baba at the Nashik Kumbh mela, in the following talk of hers (watch 25 min - 30min) which is probably the best description of him, please watch the link below Bhole Baba currently resides in Gokarna, India. Topics covered in the talk are: 0:00 Intro (Please enable captions) 1:00 What's common between Sai Baba and Kabir Das 1:34 Lord Dattatreya's boon to Hanuman 3:03 Religion marks boundaries 4:54 Shiva and Shakti 5:45 Story of Sikander (Alexander the Great) 7:33 The Source of the same Teaching 8:20 Word Allah's origin 9:26 The stories of Dharma are passed down verbally 10:38 One cannot disregard Baba's Mahashakti 11:04 Outro ( Please support our work) Watch more films and Satsang with Baba Bholenath Support our work CAPTIONS & SUBTITLES All our films are Captioned/Subtitled in English and Hindi and can be auto translated into any other language. हमारी सभी फिल्मों की तरह यह वीडियो भी हिंदी में सबटाइटल है, कृपया इस वीडियो में दिए गए निर्देशों का पालन करके कैप्शन सक्षम करें। कैप्शन कैसे सक्षम करें - Captions in English - Make Sure to Watch our Other Playlists: Teachings of Sai Baba - History of Sai Baba - Miracles of Sai Baba - Satsang with Mohanji - A Yogi's Insights - Hema Ma's Experiences - Aai & Masterjee - Satsang with Bapa - Veena Ma's Experiences - Baba's Great Devotees - Connect with us on our different platforms: Website - Podcast - Bhajans - Sai Satcharita - Please share and support the work if it has impacted you positively and help us spread the teachings and life of our beloved Sadguru Sai Baba. #saibabasdevoteespeaks #saibaba #saifm Disclaimer The YouTube channel Sai Baba's Devotees Speaks, the website express the different opinions of teachers and of devotees for the purpose of inspiration and do not reflect the personal views of Owners/Publishers of the site and blog. We are not a substitute for any medical and psychological treatment or therapy, neither are we affiliated with any religion or school of thought. Any personal interaction that you may initiate with any of the teachers/authors/speakers we feature on our channel is out of ones personal choice and beyond the liability of the publishers of this blog and channel.
The State of Antarmukha - Introversion of the Senses

The State of Antarmukha - Introversion of the Senses

Sai Baba gave ten pre-requisites that were necessary for Self-realization, in which Introversion of the senses is one of them. Baba Bholenath a unique aghori mystic, sheds light on this journey inward which is necessary for any spiritual aspirant. The mind by itself has a tendancy to be extroverted and attached to sense objects, but through spiritual practices, one makes this turn inward. Anandmurti Gurumaa has spoken about her meeting with Bhole Baba at the Nashik Kumbh mela, in the following talk of hers (watch 25 min - 30min) which is probably the best description of him, please watch the link below Topics covered in the talk are: 0:00 Intro (Please enable captions) 1:01 Undocumented religion 2:00 What governs the laws of Universal religions? 3:11 What going within means 5:16 We are a part of the whole 5:46 Yatha Pinde, Tatha Brahmande 8:02 The story of the Khadaus 10:25 The story of Lahiri Maharaj 12:18 The power of Tratak gazing 14:37 The journey of Introversion 15:38 Bhishma's pledge 20:00 Kaivalya, spiritual liberation 22:55 The journey of self-observation 23:56 The doctrine of secularism 25:17 Moving towards knowledge 25:52 To ask for Bhiksha was Sairam's Dharma 29:25 The four goals of life 32:02 The mind has to be enslaved 34:23 The Buddha and Vairagya 34:48 Children and the journey of introversion 35:50 Seva, the intrinsic nature of a saint 37:10 Patanjali's Ashtanga Yoga - Yamas 44:44 Outro (Please support our work)
The Different Types of Bhav

The Different Types of Bhav

In this talk, Baba Bholenath discusses various devotional sentiments that devotees have. He speaks about Kunti Mata and how she asked Lord Krishna to only bestow her with sorrow, so that she may remember God at all times. Bholebaba says this is not necessarily a favourable attitude to cherish. He elaborates that if her intention were to take on the difficulties of others, then it would be alright to do so. Bholebaba also speaks of Kabir and Osho, and cites how mankind cannot truly understand what Masters do and why, as people are stuck with their own ideas and cannot look beyond the obvious. Sai Baba Himself was greatly misunderstood, and people of both major faiths wanted to link Baba to a particular religion and creed, both of which Baba was beyond. Finally, Bholebaba shares a story when he had, in childhood, visited a village where both devotees of the Hindu and Muslim communities resided in harmony. He questions today's modernisation and divisive politics, and asks us to reflect on where we are truly heading. Topics covered in the talk are: 0:00 Intro (Please enable captions) 1:03 Mata Kunti's wish for sorrows 3:14 Sage Durvasa's boon to Kunti 4:20 The birth of Karan 4:55 Pandu was accursed 6:33 The two kinds of Gods 8:21 The sage expresses a strange wish 9:50 What makes a person wish for a lifetime of sorrow? 12:03 Wanderers may find God, but intellectual seekers don't 13:33 About Osho 18:30 The powerful invocation of Baba 20:38 Purpose of Sai Baba's incarnation 22:50 Buddha's grievance 26:29 Story of the Maulvi and the Pujari 32:15 Development and deterioration 35:56 Story of Barbarik 37:58 Outro (Please support our work)
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