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Aai's Experiences of Sai Baba.

Aai is an intimate devotee of Baba's and has experienced Baba's grace since she was a child.

Baba Cures His devotee of Asthma

Baba Cures His devotee of Asthma

In this video, Aai, who is an intimate devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba, relates the miracles experienced by her father-in-law who, along with his uncle Madhavrao, had met Baba in Shirdi. Baba asked her father-in-law, who suffered from chronic asthma, to take a whiff from His chillum that was being passed around. It would cure him of his asthma, said Baba. The father-in-law inhaled, but this caused an intense bout of coughing and sputtering. Baba thumped his back and the coughing stopped, and his asthma was cured. Baba then gave them a coconut and asked them to give Him all the money they had. They emptied their pockets and handed over the few rupees that they had. The two men had to take two tonga rides to go back. The first driver addressed the uncle by name and said, "Madhavrao, I know you, I've met you before." Madhavrao was confused, sure that he had never met the tonga driver before. They found this bizarre. They had no money, whatever they had, they had placed before Baba. As they got off, he even told them there was no need to pay him, the fare had been taken care of. They took a second tonga and paid that fare when they reached home. Uncle Madhavrao had also been blessed by Baba. Soon after his visit to Shirdi, he was appointed as the Diwan of Jamkhandi and by Baba's grace, now earned a good salary. He was allotted a house and a car and many comforts. Madhavrao was an honest man who worked with integrity, and Aai says she is proud of him and his values. Topics covered in this talk are: 0:00 Intro (Please enable captions) 1:12 Aai’s father-in law and his uncle 1:40 Baba offers Chillum to cure asthma 2:30 Baba’s reassurance 3:26 Baba’s Leela 4:32 Madhavrao’s promotion 5:30 Outro (Support our work)
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