If Everything is Baba's Will, then how does it Matter... ?

A commonly asked question or rather objection is, if everything is Baba's Will, then how does it really matter? Like we could do anything... And this tends to get abused quite a lot. And one really needs to reflect that it is one's mind asking this. Mohanji, in this particular video, addresses this sensitive topic very beautifully. 

If you play the video, and go to the Chapter at about 7:30, that's where Mohanji clarifies this very, very beautifully, where he explains very clearly that in the name of a saint, if one is going to try and abuse this by saying, "Hey, nothing matters, everything is Baba Will, so we can do anything!" He talks of the consequences of such actions and goes on to say that for such a sin, even ten thousand lifetimes will not be enough to pay its price. So, basically Mohanji says one's intention is very important, and it has to be pure with each action and thought. Gautamji, too, addresses this beautifully - the whole essence that he brings up in the series, 'Living the Teachings of Sai Baba'. He emphasises time and again that you have to act knowing fully well that the result is not in your control, and everything that happens is in accordance with one's Karma and by God's Will or Baba's Will. So the only thing one really has is one's Attitude & Intention. We addressed this in a recent podcast.

So, one point to ponder for the sincere devotee is, would such a question arise in an advanced devotee like Aai's mind ? And if we are here as devotees to follow their example, then there is just one question to ask ourselves: Would some devotee like Aai or Hema Ma ask this? If one has truly surrendered or is in the process of surrendering to Baba, these questions slowly fade away.

When you surrender, you are actually praying to Baba that you don't want any will of your own, because you trust that what Baba wants to give you is what is best for you, even if it may seem painful at the time and you trust in that completely. So from this perspective of being Baba's devotee, this is one question and pointer to very seriously contemplate. 

Now in the Satcharita Chapter 1 and 2,when Hemadpant was coming to Baba for the first time, ironically when he came to meet his own Sadguru, he got into a debate just before going to Baba, about whether everything is predestined or one is really the Doer.

Which, in essence, comes down to the same thing or the same topic - whether it is Baba's will, the Guru's will, or God's Will, it's one and the same, or there is the individual with his effort. And due to that Leela, Baba bestowed the name Hemadpant on him because the man Hemadripant originally was this very clever, intelligent and well-spoken advisor.

Cleverness of the mind is not really something one should look up to highly, and on the spiritual path of surrender, one has to surrender this very thing at Baba's Feet and trust Baba completely. If one goes around the path of self-enquiry and follows the intellectual path, there too, one would not bother finding an answer to this question, but one would go and ask this question to who does this question arise - Who am I? 

Bhagwan Ramana advocated Self-Enquiry and even Baba emphasised this, but unfortunately, this path really appeals to very few people, those of a particular inclination and temperament. If you see what is in common to both these paths, they don't look for intellectual answers to satisfy the ego and mind. They both come down to the crux of one's being, you are letting go of that very entity that wants to know, which is the mind and ego. 

As Baba's children looking at Aai, looking at Hema Ma, looking at their life examples, one could look at their love for Baba, their intentions, their actions, and having that simplicity of heart. If one really develops simplicity, honesty, and being childlike and obeying the Master's command, those are qualities that will take one way ahead on the path. 

Bhagwan Ramkrishnadev emphatically said that the quickest way to make spiritual progress is to become completely guileless, like a child. Do you find any guileless child having questions like these arise? As devotees of Baba specifically, these are a few important pointers to reflect and contemplate on.

In spiritual circles outside of Baba, there maybe many intellectual debates that go on, but really, in which direction do we want to go? Are we going to follow and trust in the examples of Aai & Hema Ma from whom we've have learnt so much, or are we going to trust our own mind, which really is the cause of most trouble! These intimate devotees just completely surrender everything at Baba's Feet.