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community forum

How do I become a member?

New members are always welcome. You can find out more information about how to join here.

Do I have to be actively enrolled in an educational institution in the USA to be eligible for membership?

No, you do not have to be enrolled in an educational institution to become a member. Click here to view the various membership categories.

What activities does ANSA perform and how can I get involved?

ANSA offers a wide range of social, professional and cultural development activities. To be actively involved, you would need to become a member. Click here to join.

Who can be a member of ANSA?

Students (undergraduate and graduate), professionals and faculty. See membership categories for more information.

What is the member approval process like?

First you need to apply to be a member, you can find the application form here. You will then be notified of your approval via your email. Upon approval, you will need to complete payment to get full membership experience.

When will I receive notice of my membership decision?

You will receive an email within two weeks of submitting your application.

I’ve been approved, why do I still not have access to the members-only page?

Some sections on the members-only page are specifically for paid members. Kindly complete your payment to get access to these pages.

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