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Sai Baba's Assurances

to His Devotees

When your feet touch the soil of Shirdi,

all your sufferings would come to  an end.

Whoever climbs the steps of my Samadhi,

would rise to plenty of joy and happiness.

"This is Dwaraka Mayi. in which you are sitting . This wards off all dangers

and anxieties from her children. Highly merciful is this Masjid Ayi. she is the

mother of all those who place entire faith in her. She will save them, in the

hour of danger. Once a person trusts her all his troubles are over.?


Even if I cast off this mortal body, nevertheless
I will come running to the aid of my devotees.

My Samadhi will fulfil your vows.

Have intense, implicit & steadfast faith in me.


I am immortal, know this truth and

forever get experiences of my immortality.


Show me, do show me anyone who

sought refuge in me and forsaken.

With whatever intensity, passion and devotion

a devotee prays to me,with the same intensity

I respond and reciprocate.


I will carry the burden of your life forever,

till eternity or this promise of mine will be untrue.


Know that they who seek my help will receive

it abundantly and they shall receive whatever they ask for.


He who surrendered to me completely,

that is total surrender of his body,
speech, mind, senses,
intellect and innate being,
I am indebted to him forever.

He who is ardently devoted to me and whose faith is steadfast
at my feet and continuously chants ‘Sai Sai’ 
and becomes one with me will be filled with
my grace and blessings.

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